2019 Marketing Plan Template

2019 Marketing Plan Template

If you’re anything like me, then planning for a new year is something you really look forward to. A fresh start, new ideas, reflecting on what you did well in the past year and what you want to change for the next.

Download My Free Template
To get you started, I created a 2019 Marketing Plan Template that will help you and your team brainstorm everything you need to succeed and put it in writing. After opening this Google Doc, click File > Make a Copy, and then customize it to make it your own.

Want help with your plan?
I help all kinds of businesses put together their marketing plans. Give me a call or shoot me an email to discuss.

It’s always helpful to enlist the help of someone who knows your business, has perspective on what other businesses are doing, and knows the ins and outs of all the marketing strategies available.

Happy planning!

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